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Group Coaching | Spilling the Tea on Everything Insta

What You'll Learn: ✔ Master the Platform: Understand core features, navigate the interface, and discover how to leverage Stories, Reels, Live, and DMs to engage your audience. ✔ Craft a Killer Profile: Optimize your profile for maximum impact, including bio writing, strategic use of keywords & hashtags, and establishing a strong visual aesthetic. ✔ Go Beyond Organic Reach: Explore paid advertising strategies and collaboration tactics to amplify your brand message and reach new audiences. ✔ Content Creation Powerhouse: Learn how to create engaging content using Instagram's tools and Canva for a cohesive brand experience. ✔ Unlock the Power of Analytics: Understand key metrics and leverage data insights to optimize your content strategy and target the right audience. Bonus: Throughout the course, you'll receive expert support, actionable homework, and insightful analysis of successful brand profiles. Become an Instagram whiz and watch your brand thrive! Starts 12th June 2024



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