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Learning Programmes

Choose your learning style

Group Coaching Courses

  • Learn alongside others: Gain valuable insights, share experiences, and build a support network.

  • Cost-effective: Enjoy the benefits of coaching at a lower price point.

  • Structured programme: Follow a set schedule with lessons spread out over time for gradual learning.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals who thrive in a collaborative environment.

  • Those seeking a balance between affordability and personalised guidance.

  • Learners who prefer a structured approach with built-in accountability.

121 Coaching Courses

  • Fast-paced and personalised: Get my undivided attention, tailor lessons to your specific needs, and accelerate your progress.

  • Intense learning: Dive deep into your goals and challenges with personalised feedback and strategies.

  • Flexible scheduling: Work around your busy schedule and find times that fit your needs.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals who prefer a highly personalised experience and a 1:1 coaching approach.

  • Learners who are self-motivated and want to progress quickly.

  • Those who value the flexibility of scheduling individual sessions.


On-Demand Learning Library

  • Learn at your own pace: Access video lessons anytime, anywhere, and revisit them as needed.

  • Unlimited access: No time restrictions, so you can learn and practise at your own convenience.

  • Independent learning: Work through the material on your own schedule and revisit sections as needed.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals who prefer independent learning and flexibility.

  • Learners who like to learn at their own pace and set their own schedules.

  • Those who seek a cost-effective option with valuable coaching content.

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