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Are you ready to have social media tips and tricks at your fingertips?

Are you excited to be on the inside of the social media management world?

Then...let's do this...
Here is a breakdown of our exciting membership options:
Storm Membership

Great for busy entrepreneurs who need ongoing support and social media strategy.

Highest Group Tier Membership £155

Storm membership.png

✔ 1:1 Intro Chat to learn about your business + goals

✔ Monthly 1:1 Call -- advice, accountability + homework

✔ Monthly video education from me

✔ FREE Monthly Socials Strategy

✔ FREE Scheduler

✔ 10 On Brand static posts for your socials created for you

✔ Whatsapp 1:1 chat, with option of Group Chat too

✔ 20% Discount on Courses

✔ Weekly advice/news/help

✔ Links to other education or freebies

✔ All freebies we have ever launched

✔ Monthly Q&A Sessions

✔ WhatsApp Group Chat with other Members

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