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A combination of Let's Get Social + Socials Template packages with £50 DISCOUNT.


✔ Logo Design

✔ Colourways

✔ Fonts

✔ Unlimited revisions
✔ Banner Design (2 social media) 
✔ 2 Social Media start-up/creation with Bio & hashtags 

✔ 5 Highlight covers
✔ Set-up of 5 instant replies
✔ Business Card design 

✔ 15 post templates
✔ 5-10 Hashtags for each template
✔ 30 story templates
✔ Scheduling template spreadsheet

✔ Engagement advice video
✔ WhatsApp/Slack support Mon-Fri 9-5


Once you have ordered your product you will receive an email with a form to complete for us to understand your brand and business goals. 


You are welcome to link other accounts you aspire to be like graphics wise or colours you may have seen that you like.


You can provide as much detail as you would like to provide.


We then start your Logo design and once you are more or less happy with the logo we will start to produce the remaining items for you to peruse.


We cannot wait to get started!


Excluding VAT
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